"Bow Valley College (BVC) specializes in improving literacy for adults through a variety of in-demand programs and supports. Rotary Club of Calgary Downtown Chapter’s long-time support of this continues to have immense impact on BVC learners.
Since 1999 the Rotary Club of Calgary Literacy Bursary – awarded to eighteen adults per year taking grades 1 - 9 – gives so much more than encouragement to learners to continue their efforts. It recognizes them for their commitment to learning which leads to both their success and their children’s success. This ripple effect from individual to family to community is resounding and Rotary Club of Calgary is at the centre of that.
Rotary Club of Calgary Downtown Chapter has also supported BVC’s Adult Basic Literacy Education Program (ABLE) and the Speech Assisted Reading and Writing Program (SARAW) since 2009. Your support of these programs help us continue to deliver these unique and very high-in-demand programs that support learners with physical or developmental disabilities studying at a grade 1 - 6 level. Learners have shared how their experience in these programs has built their confidence and interest to pursue their education further – thanks to donors like you!"  Joan Wolf, Bow Valley College, January 2015