Carl Smith Stay-in-School Program
The Rotary Club of Calgary, its mentors, and financial support have helped me in ways I cannot explain. My mentor has been so good to me and very accommodating when it comes to anything about my schooling - she genuinely cares about my success. The financial support I receive from the Rotary Club is the only financial help I get, and it has really lifted a burden. It lit the fire inside me to complete university with a 4.0 GPA. If it weren’t for this program, I don't know where I would be right now. Thank you for everything - the Rotary Club has made it possible for me to go to university and get my degree, and for that, I will be forever thankful!

V.W. - Carl Smith Stay-in-School Student


The Rotary Carl Smith Stay-in-School Program provides mentorship and financial rewards to local youth, enabling access to higher education.
With the goal of enabling high school completion, students are selected in grade 6 and are matched with a mentor until grade 12.
Upon completing high school, participants receive an award to be used towards post-secondary tuition and related costs. They are also provided with a post-secondary advisor to continue with them on their academic journies.




  • Started in 1995 by the Rotarian Carl Smith.
  • Have mentored and supported over 300 students.
  • The current program average is 75 students per year, with over 50 active mentors from the community.
  • Over 70 participants have graduated from post-secondary education.
  • Many students have returned to become mentors in the program.
  • Dozens of community partnerships allow students to have access to valuable resources and services.
  • Funds are raised by donation and the annual Carl Smith Stay-in-School Golf Tournament.



Do you want to have an impact on a child’s life? The Carl Smith Stay-in-School Program provides a unique opportunity to build positive mentor relationships with students needing that extra support. We are always looking for new mentors to join our team! With training, support and resources from program staff, you’ll have what it takes to make a difference. Contact us today!


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