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Welcome to The Rotary Club of Calgary's website. Our club, consisting of over 130 dedicated members, boasts a rich history of local and global impact. Dating back to 1914, we take pride in being the home club of James Wheeler Davidson, who played a pivotal role in chartering 27 Rotary clubs worldwide. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our mission and activities.
At our core, we are PEOPLE OF ACTION who collaborate with communities in Calgary and across the globe to address challenges and foster positive change.
Are you someone who aspires to be a catalyst for change? Do you have a passion for making a difference but are unsure where to begin? If so, we invite you to join us at one of our weekly meetings, either in person or via Zoom. We warmly welcome you to become a part of our Rotary family as we work together to create a brighter future.
At our club, we acknowledge the fast-paced nature of today's business world. In response, we have evolved our expectations over the years to align with the busy lives people lead. We encourage our members to engage in club activities that hold personal significance to them, allowing participation in any of the following areas:
  • Youth Service (link to a page with a description and video)
  • Community Service (link to a page with a description and video)
  • International Service (link to a page with a description and video)
  • Club Service (link to a page with a description and video)
  • Vocational Service (link to a page with a description and video)
While we achieve great things collectively through sharing our talents and our time,  members are also expected make a philanthropic contribution to the Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation and/or The Rotary Foundation. This provides Rotary with the resources to give support to communities, both locally and abroad.
Becoming a Rotary member connects you with a diverse group of professionals who share your drive to give back. Through regular meetings and events, you’ll:
  • Catch up with good friends and meet new ones
  • Discuss your community’s needs and develop creative ways to meet them
  • Connect with other citizens who care and are changing the world
  • Expand your leadership and professional skills
Make a difference in the world, in your community and in yourself!
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Stephanie Christensen, ED ShelterBox (ZOOM)
Dec 05, 2023 12:00 PM
The impact of climate change on natural disasters
The impact of climate change on natural disasters

Stephanie Christensen, Executive Director ShelterBox 

Shelterbox is a Rotary program that deals specifically with immediate responses to disasters. They provide, as their name implies, shelter for people who have had everything taken away due to earthquake, typhoon, hurricane etc… Climate change has had an impact on the severity of natural disasters and perhaps even the quantity. Come and hear from Stephanie, CEO of Shelterbox, how this is playing out in our world and how Shelterbox is positioned to continue helping those in need at the time they need it the most.


Arthur Steque, YEX Student (IN-PERSON) Palliser
Dec 19, 2023 12:00 PM
Samba in the Suburbs!
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Our Club's Activities
November is Foundation Month
Join us in making the Rotary Foundation YOUR Foundation of Choice.
Join us for a lovely evening of great company and great food at the Calgary Golf and Country Club on Tuesday December 12.
Happy Hour (Carol Singing) at 6:00 pm.
Dinner 7:00 pm
DINNER will be traditional Christmas dinner with turkey & fixings & dessert.
Participate  in this year’s wine exchange event. Bring  a bottle of wine. You add your name with others who have brought a bottle.  During dinner, we will randomly choose three names from the participants.  These three people whose names are selected will have the opportunity to divide up and take home all the bottles of wine that have been brought by the participants.
There will be a CASH ONLY bar. Please bring cash for your beverages as there is no cash machine on site; the facility does not take credit cards.
Let's celebrate this festive season together! 

Rotary Remembers 2023 is scheduled for Saturday, November 11th, at 10:30 at the Carriage House Inn. We will hear a timely address by speaker Dr. Stéphane Guevremont, the reading of Club Honor Rolls, the Moment of Silence, a Rotary Family War Story, and lunch. The committee has been working for a couple of weeks to put the details in place that will make this years event one to remember. Last years keynote speaker and Rotarian Jim Hennessey will be the M.C.

Dr. Stéphane Guevremont’s address is titled, "UKRAINE AND THE WORLD: The International War."  He will talk about the international ramifications of the Ukraine-Russia war and describe conflicts-of-interest emerging between various nations since the war began. He will discuss political intrigues, corruption, and other forces at play regarding energy, food supplies, and other impacts on world economies. He will also explain the unique organizational structure of the Ukrainian army, which differs from that of Canada, the USA, and Britain. Of particular interest, he will provide an overview of the International Brigades made up of volunteers from neutral nations and various anti-Russian countries in the region.

  • For tickets go to Click for Tickets
  • The registration/ticket purchasing form is on the District 5360 website
  • Tickets are $50 each
  • Friends, family, and former Rotarians are welcome!
  • Registration deadline: Sunday, November 5th, 10:00 PM
  • For further information contact Doug Hood, Chair, at hoodfinancial@shaw.ca


Last year 185 attended the event. Due to the timeliness and relevance of Dr. Guevremont’s keynote, we may exceed that number. Why not use the event to introduce potential members to your club? We can accommodate 300.

Arthur Steque from Brazil is our Rotary Club Exchange Student. He arrived in Calgary in August and has had the opportunity experience all kinds of great cultural and educational opportunities. On Monday October 23 Arthur experienced SNOW for the first time in his life. I took him to buy boots and we couldn't resist picking up matching Christmas sweaters. Arthur received an award (3rd place for most creative cupcake) in his Food 30 course. He has been exploring opportunities for pursuing post secondary education right here in Calgary as well.  On October 22nd, Arthur attended the opening concert of the Calgary Civic Symphony and was thrilled to hear Beethoven's glorious 9th symphony. Manon introduced him (and Pietra another exchange student from Brazil) to Mayor Gondek.
Our club supports projects around the world. Here are two (2) excellent examples of how our members's time and talent have made a difference.
Guatemala Literacy Project
A New Kitchen for a Girls' School in the Slums of Nairobi

Get Ready for a Highway Cleanup Extravaganza! 
Dave Macdonald

Hey there, amazing volunteers! Guess what? We've got a fantastic opportunity for you to have a blast while making a positive impact on our environment. 🌍

Rotary provides 5 different avenues where our members find their passion and make contributions of time, talent and resources. Find your passion under one of these categories:
Our Youth Service provides Rotarians with opportunities to work directly with kids as mentors (Stay in School Program) or oversees one of two younger Rotary clubs. We sponsor an Interact club at Western Canada High School and a Rotaract Club at the University of Calgary. We are the title sponsor of the Rotary Calgary Concerto Competition, a yearly music competition for young musicians. We sponsor kids of high school age to attend RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) and RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). Both these programs are weekend based where youth expand their knowledge of themselves and develop through experiential learning exercises; above all they build community and have fun. 
If working with younger people is your thing contact the following people:
Mentoring: Alana Sergent
Interact/Ryla/Rypen/Rotaract: David Leslie

The Rotary Employment Partnership
How Rotarians Make it Happen
Rotarians open the doors of business for people with intellectual disabilities. People get jobs as organizations become inclusive employers. Last year our Coordinators were introduced to 75 prospective employers in District 5360. These introductions resulted in 35 new jobs for people with developmental disabilities. Building connections between the Partnership and business is how Rotary does its part. 
Our Vision
The Rotary Club of Calgary is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we support, and for our partners and Club members. It is a sustaining community investor, inspiring others towards service and philanthropy, a model for the values of Rotary within the communities we serve locally and internationally.
Our Mission
The Rotary of Calgary provides unique opportunities for community service by allowing like-minded members to use their skills, experience, and resources to make a difference in the lives of others.
Our Values
Service  - we support the less fortunate in our own city and globally through volunteerism and philanthropy
Fellowship - we build mutual trust and friendship among members who share common values
Diversity - we recognize how significantly stronger we are when we celebrate our differences and respect one another.
Integrity - we do what is right, knowing that we can achieve more together by being open and honest.
Leadership - we feel the pulse of our community and listen while engaging with its leaders and change-makers.
Proudly Presenting Our Corporate Members