Rotary Christmas Hamper program……….WE’RE DOING IT IN 2017. 
Families are selected from our Stay in School and Rotary Tom Jackson Stay in School programs.
There are going to be a lot of kids that will not get any gifts this year if Rotary doesn’t step up and make this happen.  Last year, we experienced just what it is like in many homes in Calgary and believe me, they need our help.  We will include grocery gift certificates in every hamper and those alone will help make someone have a wonderful Christmas.
Ways you can contribute:
  1. Recruit your friends and coworkers as volunteers
  2. Donate to the Christmas Hamper fund
  3. Ask your friends and family to donate to the Christmas Hamper Fund
To volunteer contact anyone on the Committee: Mark Stiles, George BrookmanHowie Shikaze Michael Broadhurst, Andrea Serink, Bruce Williams, Shannon Shikaze and Howie Shikaze.


December 2017 - Filling the hampers