The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Association (WGIPPA) membership is open to Rotarians from ​Rotary Districts 5080, 5360, 5370, and 5390 who have an interest in  ​"...supporting and maintaining the development and promotion of Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier National Park as a symbol of friendship, cooperation and our commitment to building peace initiatives whenever possible."​

On July 4th and 5th 1931, Rotarians from Canada and the United States met in Waterton, AB, at the Prince of Wales hotel for a goodwill meeting. Nearly 100 members from seven Rotary Cubs in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Montana participated.

  • ​Rotary International through the clubs in Districts 5080, 5360, 5370 and 5390 continues its support of the Peace Park through the International Peace Park Association.

  • Annual assemblies and ceremonies, such as “Hands across the Border,” serve to remind the parks of perhaps their greatest resource: the peace and friendship shared by two great nations.

  • Since the first meeting in 1931, these yearly gatherings have provided an opportunity for Rotarians to discuss ways of promoting peace.

  • They have erected symbolic artifacts, conducted ceremonies, and promoted the idea of peace parks elsewhere.


​" In the name of all we hold sacred, we will not take up arms against each other.  We will work for peace, maintain liberty, strive for freedom and demand equal opportunities for all.  May the long existing peace between our nations stimulate other peoples to follow this example" 

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