“The teacher mentioned that her students now enjoy diving into books, and some of them even create their own stories inspired by the illustrations in those books.” 
- TukTuk Charity Employee - Part of the Cambodia Literacy Integrative Project (CLIP2) led by our Rotary Club 2023.


The WCS committee is a compassionate group of well-respected business leaders committed to providing leadership and ongoing support to humanitarian, educational and economic assistance projects that make a sustainable difference in the lives of those less fortunate in communities in multiple regions around the world.

For the 2016-2017 year the club allocated $250,000 to WCS.  Click here for the complete 2016-2017 report.

Over the past number of years, WCS has judiciously managed more than $1 million dollars contributing to more than a dozen projects that have positively impacted the lives of thousands of men, women and children from all parts of the world. Funding for projects stems from a number of sources: the Rotary Club of Calgary, individual’s donations, matching grants through the Rotary Foundation and Government of Canada programs.   Each year the WCS committee manages a budget of approximately $250,000.00 to support projects large and small; locally and abroad.

Whether the project is for the one-time supply of a 20 seat computer lab for a school in Sierra Leone or to manage a multi-year community program, the WCS committee oversees the end-to-end project governance and stewardship.

One of the key project evaluation criteria for a WCS project is that there be a partnership with a Rotary Club or Rotary District in the host (developing) country. Fellow Rotarians are frequently present on the ground managing the project, disbursing funds and overseeing day-to-day operations so they witness the difference that even the smallest of donations make in the lives of others.  Projects that contribute to the community’s ability to sustain it and subsequently enable those community leaders to ‘pay it forward’ to a neighbouring community are highly desirable. Sustainable Cambodia is an excellent example of communities helping communities to build sustainable economies by passing on knowledge and skills training in water treatment, agriculture and livestock management.

“In Asia, Africa, Central and South America our Club is helping locals to build their capacity to improve the lives of their fellow citizens – especially the vulnerable children and women”. Madeleine King, International Director

To make a sustainable difference - one community at a time is long term commitment and labour of love. The sole effort of one never yields the results that can be produced by many. WCS relies on many compassionate people to give of their valuable time and talents to projects, as well as their financial generosity. If you would like to become involved in a World Community Services project, or to learn more about Rotary, please contact the Rotary Club of Calgary office.

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