The Youth Exchange has a long history and since its inception it has sent over 70,000 students worldwide, offering approximately 8,000 students annually the opportunity live and study in another country for a year. The experience supports a lifetime of understanding and goodwill for both students and members of the participating clubs.

Our Club has a long standing relationship with Western Canada High School, and this is where we select all our outbound students and place our inbound students. We appreciate the school for supporting the program.

We sponsor one exchange student to travel from Calgary internationally each year, and we sponsor one incoming student to be hosted by our members for a year in Calgary.

Our outbound student for 2017-2018 is Chloe Ermantrout.

In our Club, we have a policy of offering the inbound student three months to live with a family after which he or she moves to another family to allow more diversification and experience. Many host families have expressed appreciation for the invaluable experience of having a foreign student live with them, and often the relationship lasts a lifetime.

Wally Temple introduces YEX inbound

student Nele Kalkoff at the August 29, 2017 meeting


Past Stories

June 2017 - Video from incoming student and update on past students