Reinstatements and Transfers from Other Clubs
In the case of a transfer from another club, the applicant must have that club’s secretary email the office stating they are in good standing.
In cases of both reinstatement and transfer the applicant should be interviewed to confirm they understand our club expectations: meetings, financial and service/fellowship. This should happen as soon as they can come to a lunch meeting.
The applicant should arrange with Jo-Ann at the office a date suitable for them to attend a lunch meeting, and Jo-Ann will let the president know.
The applicant can obtain a membership application form from our club website and should fill it in and send it to the office at least one day before coming to the meeting. There is no need to supply the names of two sponsors.
The President will designate a senior member present at that lunch meeting to conduct the interview, so that it happens immediately before or after the meeting.
Jo-Ann will forward the completed membership application to the membership interview chair; the first part of which contains detailed information about our club expectations:  meetings, financial and service/fellowship.
The interviewer will email their approval or otherwise to Jo-Ann. Jo-Ann will let the membership director know so that they can inform the applicant of the next steps.
A positive recommendation will be followed by a 7-day white-slipping to confirm if there are objections.
The membership director will take the approval motion to the following board meeting, and if successful will write to the new member the usual welcome letter, or otherwise inform the applicant.